Are the models to accurate scale and do they have all the details of the actual stadium?

While our intention is to make the models as close as possible to the original, NANOSTAD products are not scaled exactly from the actual measurements of the stadiums.


Our design team strives to include every possible detail. Keep in mind that the raw material used to manufacture the models and the production processes will impose limitations that prevent NANOSTADs being 100% faithful to the actual stadium.

For what age are Nanostad products recommended?

Nanostad products are recommended for children over 7 years.

What happens if the pieces get wet?

Nanostad products are coated with paper and are therefore likely to be affected by water and moisture in general.

How do I clean my stadium?

With a dry cloth or duster. Never use liquids of any kind.

Do Nanostad products meet health and safety requirements?

Yes, Nanostad stadiums meet all European standards in force. They have been certified as meeting EN71 the relative standard for this type of product.

What precautions should be taken with Nanostad products?

Like any model, Nanostad products have small parts. Therefore small children should be supervised to prevent them from ingesting any part, as it may provoke choking.

Never expose the product to a direct heat source as this may cause a fire.

Does Nanostad need supervision by an adult?

The Nanostad team reccomends assembling this product under adult supervision, not only because of the difficulties that a small child may encounter, but also to make assembly a shared enjoyment of family time.

What if by accident the paper on the pieces becomes unstuck?

Glue can be used to stick the paper back onto the polypropylene.

What is the best way to maintain Nanostad products?

Nanostad products are best kept in dry, shaded places. Try therefore to avoid damp and direct sunlight.

Are there online assembly instructions?

Each product has its corresponding assembly instructions available on our website. The detailed and simple instructions will let you build your stadiums easily and achieve a perfect finished model.

Can the products be returned?

Products showing manufacturing defects may be returned. When you receive the product, if any fault are detected, do not try to assemble the model, but contact us immediately.

Are Nanostad officially licensed?

All Nanostad stadiums are produced under an operating license granted by the respective club that receives royalties on each sale.

Where I can buy Nanostad products?

For wholesale and retail enquiries please go to "Contact us"

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