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Foto Parc des Princes
Location: Paris, France
Dimensions: 105 m x 68 m
Capacity : 48.713 spectators
Opened: June 4, 1972
Parc de Princes was built to provide the city of Paris with a modern venue for important rugby and football matches. The stadium replaced the old Vélodrome.  Parc des Princes was inaugurated on 4 June 1972 by French president Georges Pompidou.
The stadium, designed by architect Roger Taillibert, was lauded for its avant garde design and received several architectural prices. Its most striking feature were the 50 concrete columns that support the ring-shaped roof. One year after the opening, in 1973, newly founded Paris Saint-Germain moved into the stadium.
In the following decades, Parc des Princes regularly hosted matches of the French national team, Coupe de France finals, and it was the playing venue of several European Cup finals. Since the opening of Stade de France in 1998, however, the stadium has seen the number of international matches reduced to just one.The stadium was one of the playing venues of the 1998 World Cup.
PSG’s new owners have recently contemplated a large expansion or rebuilding of the stadium. However, as it was selected as one of the playing venues of the Euro 2016 tournament and works would not be finished in time, it was instead decided to only refurbish the stadium and reinvestigate the option to redevelop after the tournament.
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